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小股东权益监管机构(MSWG)质问大资资本(HEXCAP),请更清楚地说明王顺林在大资资本中的角色,以及他与兆光通讯的关系?在2023年18个月的财政期中,集团收入为2亿1753万令吉(2022年:8717万令吉),主要得益于电信网络部门(通过新收购的T&J 工程有限公司)以及贸易和工程服务...
Nanyang25 Mar, 2024 10:42am - 1 month

(吉隆坡23日讯)兆光通讯(BINACOM,0195,创业板)通过一个联合财团,获得国家能源(TENAGA,5347,主板公用事业股)颁发的地下电缆工程合约,价值5826万791令吉。根据文告,兆光通讯是同过持股51%的Borderless Connection私人有限公司(BCSB),与Binal...
Nanyang23 Mar, 2024 19:28pm - 1 month

KUALA LUMPUR: Recent headlines from Corporate Malaysia include Yinson, SunCon, EcoWorld Malaysia, Astro, Top Glove, Binasat, PTT Synergy, MGB, T7 Global, Epicon and Master Tec, said Apex Securities Research.
TheStar22 Mar, 2024 08:00am - 1 month

Here is a brief recap of some business news and corporate announcements that made headlines on Thursday.
TheEdge21 Mar, 2024 23:13pm - 1 month

(吉隆坡21日讯)兆光通讯(BINACOM,0195,创业板电讯媒体组)获得国家能源(TENAGA,5347,主板公用事业组)总值5826万令吉的得标通知书(LOA),供应和安装电路系统。根据文告,此次工程从从PMU蒂蒂旺沙至云顶吉冷和云顶吉冷至kampung lajut,供应和安装新的132千伏电路系统,额定电压为180兆伏安。这项合约需要在910天内完成。...
Sinchew21 Mar, 2024 20:41pm - 1 month

KUALA LUMPUR: Binasat Communications Bhd has secured a contract worth RM58.26mil from Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) for the proposed double-circuit underground cable.
TheStar21 Mar, 2024 19:07pm - 1 month

Telecommunication support services provider Binasat Communications Bhd has bagged an RM58.26 million contract to supply and install cable systems from Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB).
TheEdge21 Mar, 2024 18:19pm - 1 month

Notable filings On Jan 19, Rexit Bhd saw a change in its largest shareholder after Rexit Venture Sdn Bhd and Global Hartabumi Sdn Bhd sold 92.05 million shares in total, representing 53.14% of the share base of the software-as-a-service (SaaS) group, to Datuk Seow Gim...
TheEdge06 Feb, 2024 14:00pm - 2 months

Notable filings Notable shareholding changes at Bursa Malaysia-listed companies for the week of Jan 8 to 12 included those at Binasat Communications Bhd, in which Hextar Capital Bhd (formerly Opcom Holdings Bhd) raised its equity interest. The purchase of 26...
TheEdge30 Jan, 2024 14:00pm - 2 months

Here is a brief recap of some corporate announcements that made news on Friday: PJBumi Bhd, Joe Holding Bhd, Nylex (Malaysia) Bhd, PUC Bhd, Binasat Communications Bhd, L&P Global Bhd, Sarawak Consolidated Industries Bhd (SCIB), Malaysian Resources Corp Bhd (MRCB), Berjaya Land Bhd (BJLand), Nova MSC Bhd, Ahmad Zaki Sdn Bhd (AZSB), G Capital Bhd, KLCC Property Holdings Bhd (KLCCP), Tropicana Corp Bhd, Johor Plantations Group Bhd, Dataprep Holdings Bhd, KJTS Group Bhd, AGX Bhd, Tenaga Nasional Bhd.
TheEdge26 Jan, 2024 23:26pm - 2 months

(吉隆坡26日讯)兆光通讯(Binasat Communications Bhd)委任Ong Soon Lim为集团董事经理兼执行董事,即时生效。
TheEdge26 Jan, 2024 20:47pm - 2 months

Binasat Communications Bhd has appointed Ong Soon Lim as its group managing director cum executive director, effective immediately. In a bourse filing, telecommunications support service provider Binasat said Soon Lim, 58, is succeeding Na Boon Aik.
TheEdge26 Jan, 2024 19:43pm - 2 months

KUALA LUMPUR: Binasat Communications Bhd (Binacom) has appointed Ong Soon Lim as group managing director/executive director, succeeding Na Boon Aik.
TheStar26 Jan, 2024 18:51pm - 2 months

Hextar Capital Bhd (HexCap) has completed the acquisition of a 6.75% stake in Binasat Communications Bhd (Binacom), raising its stake in the satellite network support service provider to 24.78%.
TheEdge12 Jan, 2024 19:54pm - 3 months

Here is a brief recap of some corporate announcements that made the news on Monday: UMW Holdings Bhd, Opcom Holdings Bhd, Cypark Resources Bhd, HB Global Ltd, Sarawak Consolidated Industries Bhd, Lambo Group Bhd, UMediC Group Bhd, Bioalpha Holdings Bhd, Kanger International Bhd, EITA Resources Bhd, UEM Edgenta Bhd, Malakoff Corp Bhd.
TheEdge05 Dec, 2023 00:30am - 4 months

(吉隆坡4日讯)Opcom控股(Opcom Holdings Bhd)向大马交易所报备,建议易名为Hextar Capital Bhd,立即生效。
TheEdge04 Dec, 2023 18:52pm - 4 months

Opcom Holdings Bhd has proposed to change its corporate name to Hextar Capital Bhd effective immediately, its Bursa Malaysia filing showed on Monday.
TheEdge04 Dec, 2023 18:21pm - 4 months

“我不是炒家,而是实实在在的生意人!” 说话的,正是近年来频密出现在股民眼球的大资集团(Hextar Group)掌舵人──拿督王子铭,或是市场更为熟悉的Eddie Ong。
Sinchew27 Nov, 2023 10:13am - 4 months

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