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IN the first four months of the year, Malaysian real estate investment trusts (REITs) have announced six acquisitions totalling RM2.65 billion as they look to beef up their portfolio of assets following last year’s tepid deal flow. However, getting their hands on higher-yielding assets could prov...
TheEdge14 May, 2024 15:00pm - 1 week

KUALA LUMPUR: Sentral REIT's net profit of RM19.9 million for its first quarter ended March 31, 2024 (Q1 2024) came in within Hong Leong Investment Bank (HLIB) Research's and Street's estimates. The company's revenue improved by 27.6 per cent, attributable ...
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Nanyang09 May, 2024 17:50pm - 2 weeks

KUALA LUMPUR (May 8): Here is a brief recap of some business news and corporate announcements that made the headlines on Wednesday: Sentral Real Estate Investment Trust (KL:SENTRAL), or Sentral REIT, posted a 30.29% increase in its net property income in the first quart...
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Nanyang08 May, 2024 20:07pm - 2 weeks

(吉隆坡8日讯)得益于委托和管理人的财务成本与费用更高,中环产托(SENTRAL,5123,主要板产托)截至3月底首季,净利按年增12.6%至1990万令吉。该产托向马证交所报备,营业额按年增32.5%至4969万令吉,增长主要因Sentral Building 4、Platinum Sentral和Sentral Building 3–BMW取得更高营业额,旗下天地通数码大厦(Menara Celcom Digi)也为整个季度的营业额做出贡献。按估值计算,中环产托投资组合有53...
Chinapress08 May, 2024 18:40pm - 2 weeks

 (吉隆坡8日讯)各座产业租金收入增加,加上天地数网大厦(Menara CelcomDigi)的贡献,推动中环产托(SENTRAL,5123,主板产业投资信托组)截至3月31日首季净利增加12.63%至1989万5000令吉。该公司首季营业额上涨32.59%至4968万9000令吉。该公司发布文告说,Sentral Building 4、Plantinum Sentral和Sentral Building 3-BMW,以及天地数网大厦的租金收入皆稳定提升。该公司补充,该公司总收入上涨32...
Sinchew08 May, 2024 15:25pm - 2 weeks

(吉隆坡8日讯)由于四大产业贡献更高,Sentral Real Estate Investment Trust(KL:SENTRAL)首季净产业收入按年上扬30.29%。
TheEdge08 May, 2024 15:11pm - 2 weeks

Sentral Real Estate Investment Trust (KL:SENTRAL), or Sentral REIT, posted a 30.29% increase in its net property income in the first quarter ended March 31, 2024 (1QFY2024) to RM38.15 million from RM29.28 million a year ago, on higher contribution from four of its key properties.
TheEdge08 May, 2024 14:15pm - 2 weeks

KUALA LUMPUR: Sentral Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) said it will remain focused on asset management and leasing strategies that are centred on cost optimisation and tenant retention.
TheStar08 May, 2024 13:23pm - 2 weeks

A sizeable pool of Bursa Malaysia’s largest companies and known good dividend payers delivered bumper dividends to shareholders — including government-linked investment companies (GLICs) — on the back of improved financial performance in 2023. A majority gave higher dividends in FY2023 versus FY2...
TheEdge21 Mar, 2024 14:00pm - 2 months

Permodalan Nasional Bhd’s (PNB) wholly owned unit Projek Lintasan Kota Holdings Sdn Bhd (Prolintas) is listing its four highway concessions via a business trust to raise RM445.3 million.
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(吉隆坡24日讯)在计入收购Menara CelcomDigi的贡献后,兴业投资银行将Sentral REIT 2024至2025财政年的盈利预测上调了11%。
TheEdge24 Jan, 2024 11:27am - 4 months

RHB IB has raised Sentral REIT’s earning forecast for 2024–2025 (FY2024F–2025F) by 11% after incorporating contributions from the Menara CelcomDigi acquisition.
TheEdge24 Jan, 2024 10:35am - 4 months

KUALA LUMPUR: COmpanies that could be in the spotlight include IOI Properties, Sentral REIT, AirAsia X, Agmo, Hextar Capital, Star Media, Ni Hsin and TNB, said Apex Securities Research.
TheStar24 Jan, 2024 08:22am - 4 months

Here is a brief recap of some corporate announcements that made the news on Tuesday:
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Sinchew23 Jan, 2024 20:30pm - 4 months

Sentral Real Estate Investment Trust (Sentral REIT)'s net property income (NPI) rose 30.21% to RM36.26 million for the fourth quarter ended Dec 31, 2023 (4QFY2023), from RM27.85 million a year earlier, on the back of higher revenue.
TheEdge23 Jan, 2024 20:24pm - 4 months