Datasonic can ride wave of digitisation with global capabilities: Executive chairman

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KUALA LUMPUR: Datasonic Group Bhd can ride the wave of digitisation because it is a local company with global capabilities, its executive chairman Tengku Datuk Seri Abu Bakar Ahmad Tengku Abdullah.

Tengku Abu Bakar also said his decision to join Datasonic a few months ago was driven by his deep interest in technology and its rapid global development.

"The services offered by Datasonic are in high demand and are expected to continue to grow, making it an attractive prospect for me. In general, businesses are undergoing a rapid evolution following the transition to digital transformation," said Tengku Abu Bakar.

"Datasonic's commitment to research and development (R&D) is truly unparalleled. I personally see Datasonic as a good entity for Malaysia with strong capabilities for further growth," Tengku Abu Bakar claimed.

Currently, Datasonic's order book stands at RM400 million, while its tender book stands at RM1 billion.

Earlier this year, Datasonic received four contract extensions worth a combined RM175 million from the Home Affairs Ministry.

Tengku Abu Bakar believes Datasonic is strengthening its position as a trusted partner for critical government projects.

"In addition to proving our reputation for delivering high-quality solutions, this contract award establishes an opportunity to strengthen collaboration, potential future opportunities, and the continued growth of Datasonic. We are determined to continue to meet the set targets and go beyond them," he said.

From steering Fomema to taking over as executive chairman of Datasonic in July 2023, Tengku Abu Bakar's journey reflects dedication, strategic vision and a keen eye for emerging opportunities.

The son of the late Tengku Arif Bendahara Pahang Tengku Tan Sri Abdullah Sultan Abu Bakar said his focus is consistently on leading companies to achieve their investment goals.

Sharing his plans for the future, Tengku Abu Bakar expressed his desire to expand investments, particularly in real estate, food safety  as well as digital and technology sectors.

"With the growing population and increasing prosperity of the country, the real estate industry offers promising prospects. I am eager to explore and capitalise on the potential for growth and success that the real estate sector offers, aligning our investment strategy with the dynamic landscape of our developing country."

Tengku Abu Bakar added that Malaysia is in good shape with a thriving economy, especially for strategic investors.

Despite the challenging global environment, he said Malaysia's growth prospects remained on an upward trajectory.

"You may consider me biased, but the performance and achievements that Malaysia has achieved reflect its progress, and I am truly optimistic about Malaysia's growth," he said.

With that, Tengku Abu Bakar said he was eyeing investment in the real estate sector.

He has assembled an investment team to explore opportunities in the domestic and regional markets.

"I am confident that their diverse expertise and perspectives will lead us to a solid investment and create long-term value. This is actually still in the early stages but I hope to share more when we have finalised some of our concrete plans for the real estate sector," he said.

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