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First and Final Dividend


Entitlement date18/07/2002
Entitlement time05:00:00 PM
Entitlement subjectFirst and Final Dividend
Entitlement description:The First And Final tax exempt dividend of 4% in respect of the financial year ended 31 December 2001 subject to the shareholders' approval at the 5th Annual General Meeting to be held on 10 June 2002
Period of interest payment to
For year ending/Period ending/ended 31/12/2001
Share transfer book & register of members will be closed from
(both dates inclusive) for the purpose of determining the entitlements
19/07/2002 to 22/07/2002
Registrar's name ,address, telephone no:PLANTATION AGENCIES Sdn.Berhad

Standard Chartered Bank Chambers
Lebuh Pantai, 10300 Penang.
P.O.Box 706, 10790 Penang.

Tel: 04-2625333
Fax: 04-2622018
Payment date 15/08/2002
a) Securities transferred into the Depositor's Securities Account before 12:30 pm in respect of ordinary transfers18/07/2002 
b) Securities deposited into the Depositor's Securities Account before 12:30 pm in respect of securities exempted from mandatory deposit 
c) Securities bought on KLSE on a cum entitlement basis according to the Rules of the KLSE
Number of new shares/securities issued (units) (If applicable)
Entitlement indicatorPercentage
Entitlement in percentage (%)4

Remarks :

1. A member entitled to attend and vote at the meeting is entitled to appoint a proxy to attend and vote instead of him/her. A proxy may but need not be a member of the Company and if the proxy is not a member of the Company, the proxy shall be an advocate or an approved company auditor or person approved by the Registrar of Companies.

2. The Form of Proxy must be deposited at the Company's Registered Office at Wisma Unimech, 4934, Jalan Chain Ferry, 12100 Butterworth not less than 48 hours before the time set for holding the meeting or any adjournment thereof.

3. A member shall be entitled to appoint more than one proxy (subject always to a maximum of two (2) proxies at each meeting) to attend and vote at the same meetings. Where a member appoints more than one proxy(subject always to a maximum of two (2) proxies at each meeting), the appointment shall be invalid unless he specifies the proportions of his holdings to be represented by each proxy.

4. If the appointer is a corporation, this form must be executed under its Common Seal or under the hand of its attorney.


Resolution pursuant to Section 132D of the Companies Act, 1965

Subject to exceptions provided in the aforesaid section of the Companies Act, 1965, the Directors would have to call for a General Meeting to approve the issue of new shares even though the number involved is less than 10% of the issued capital.

In order to avoid any delay and cost involved in convening a General Meeting to approve such issue of shares, it is thus considered appropriate that the Directors be now authorized to issue new shares in the Company up to an amount not exceeding in total 10% of the issued share capital of the Company for the time being for such purpose as they consider would be in the best interest of the Company. This authority, unless revoked or varied at a general meeting, will expire at the next Annual General Meeting of the Company.

Announcement Info

Stock Name UNIMECH    
Date Announced4 Jun 2002  
CategoryEntitlements (Notice of Book Closure)
Reference NoUG-020604-38555

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