Ace Market : Construction


0.000 (0.00%)

High 0.270
Low 0.270
Volume 10,000
Volume (B/S) 120,300 / 140,000
Price Bid/Ask 0.265 / 0.270
52w 0.220 - 0.380
ROE 1.73
P/E 62
EPS 0.43
DY 0.00%
NTA 0.2485
P/B 1.09
RPS 23.89
Market Cap 145.3M
Shares (mil) 538.10
RSI(14) Neutral 62.4
Stochastic(14) Overbought 100.0
Average Volume 360,500
Relative Volume 0.0
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EPS DPS NTA Revenue P/L Quarter Q Date Financial Year Announced QoQ% YoY% Report
0.00 0.000 0.2485 35.97m 10.00k 3 2021-05-31 31 Aug, 2021 2021-08-25 99.3% 0% View
0.28 0.000 0.2483 29.34m 1.39m 2 2021-02-28 31 Aug, 2021 2021-04-30 399.1% 0% View
-0.10 0.000 0.2460 32.11m -464.00k 1 2020-11-30 31 Aug, 2021 2021-01-29 133.2% 0% View
0.35 0.000 0.2229 31.12m 1.40m 4 2020-08-31 31 Aug, 2020 2020-10-28 0% 0% View

Financial Year Revenue ('000) Net ('000) EPS Report
31 Aug, 2021 97,416 934 0.18
31 Aug, 2020 31,120 1,399 0.35 View

Announced Financial Year Subject EX Date Payment Date Amount Indicator
No dividends

Announced EX Date Subject Ratio Offer
No records

Name Price Change Volume Gearing Premium Premium % Maturity
No warrants found.

Announced Date Change Type Shares Name
26 Oct 2020 22 Oct 2020 Acquired 150,000 MR TAN HOON THEAN
26 Oct 2020 23 Oct 2020 Acquired 2,000,000 MR TAN HOON THEAN

Recent News
  • ANEKA控股获7780万工程
  • Trading ideas: KPower, IJM Corp, Top Glove
    KUALA LUMPUR: Stocks to watch for on Tuesday include, KPower, IJM Corp, Top Glove, Aneka Jaringan, Kerjaya Prospek, Gamuda, IGB REIT, AirAsia X, Yong Tai, Kanger International, Computer Forms and FCW Holdings, according to JF Apex Research.KUALA LUMPUR: Stocks to watch for on Tuesday include, KPower, IJM Corp, Top Glove, Aneka Jaringan, Kerjaya Prospek, Gamuda, IGB REIT, AirAsia X, Yong Tai, Kanger International, Computer Forms and FCW Holdings, according to JF Apex Research. KPower has secured four EPCC contracts with a total value of approximately RM510mil in Pahang and Perak. IJM Corp clarified that it has not received "any formal proposal or offer from any party expressing interest for a corporate merger" at this juncture. Top Glove has resolved all 11 International Labour Organization (ILO) indicators of forced labour, noting that the resolution of the 11 ILO indicators of forced labour was verified by independent international UK consultant Impactt Ltd in its report dated April 22. Aneka Jaringan has secured a RM77.8mil subcontract for the construction of West Coast Expressway from IJM Construction Sdn Bhd. Kerjaya Prospek and Gamuda has won a RM202.6mil contract from E&O to build a sea link between Jalan Gurney and the Seri Tanjung Pinang (phase two) development (STP2 Island). IGB REIT’s 1QFY21 net property income fell 36% yoy largely due to lower car park income and higher allowance for impairment of trade receivables as a result of Covid-19. AirAsia X, which is planning a RM500mil fundraising exercise, intends to provide a steeper discount to its rights issue price to encourage the take-up of the cash call. The board intends to fix the rights issue price at an indicative discount of between 30% and 55% to the theoretical ex-all price of AAX shares. Yong Tai said its healthcare subsidiary has obtained the approval from the Ministry of Health's Medical Review & Ethics Committee for its Phase III clinical trial study of inactivated Covid-19 trial vaccines in Malaysia, involving 3,000 subjects. Kanger International is buying a 51% stake in building materials supplier Sung Master Holdings Sdn Bhd for RM94.8mil, which will be satisfied by a combination of cash of RM52mil and the issuance of 713.2 million new Kanger shares at six sen apiece for the remaining RM42.8mil. Computer Forms has proposed to sell four parcels of land in Setapak, Kuala Lumpur to FCW Holdings for a total of RM91.1mil.
  • Aneka Jaringan secures WCE work from IJM
    PETALING JAYA: Aneka Jaringan Holdings Bhd’s wholly owned subsidiary, Aneka Jaringan Sdn Bhd (AJSB), has secured subcontract works for the construction and completion of the West Coast Expressway from IJM Construction Sdn Bhd worth RM77.8mil.
  • Aneka Jaringan获7780万工程
  • Top Glove, KPower, IJM Corp, Aneka Jaringan, IGB REIT, AAX, E&O, Kerjaya Prospek, Gamuda, Yong Tai, Kanger, Mobilia, Opcom

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Terrence Here
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今天285留下了脚步,Aneka是一家28年的企业了,主要是做地基的工程。Pavillion的就是他们比较出名的工程了。刚好在它业绩出前入手了,而且业绩也挺让我满意的。IPO listing的cost是2.15m,所以财报看起来不咋滴。在mco这种艰难时刻公司还维持到它的盈收,基本上是让我满意的。但是我更注意的是公司的方向是在往印度尼西亚发展。如果有注意印度尼西亚的发展,就可以发现很多大公司逐渐把厂建在了印度尼西亚,尤其是科技业的。这些也证明着印度尼西亚的逐渐崛起,而要致富先修路这句话哪里都说得通的。建筑肯定是一个国家崛起的重要方针之一。泰国和越南就是例子,可以去了解一下。而Aneka在几年前已经开始布局印度尼西亚的建筑市场,看好它接下来的发展。毕竟现在Aneka还是间很小的公司,成长的空间十分的大。建筑业现在确实是很冷,但是我相信回来只是时间的问题,低估值盈利没受影响,公司方针没毛病,而且我愿意等我就进来了。没有买卖建议,买卖自负。
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Kent Wong Kent Wong
爱丽丝 okok....我买了。。。开始有动了
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收就是了。。。。0.245 来来来。。。放几个月
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