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Supermax: The QR to end all other QRs. When Supermax releases its QR, everyone will flock to it. Supermax will cement its superiority over Kossan with the upcoming QR. Kossan will never catch up to Supermax. I feel Kossan is only worth half of Supermax because Supermax is expected to make 2 times Kossan's profits during pandemic. I do not understand why Kossan is traded at such high prices. Can someone enlighten me?
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Leong James
yes supermax qr is more better than kossan but the divided how?
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Lee Ee Chen
Kossan is ongoing glove counter. Kossan willing to pay more bonus
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Kossan 股息更好,然后还有做其他的无尘防护PPE和漆料和其他塑胶产品等等,产品多元化,即使过了疫情也一样可以好生存,业绩不会掉很多。长期更值得投资
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Kevin Tam
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