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All Comments on 3A Reload

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Cheong Kin Wai
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This stock why no movement?
angel wong
ya loh
report good no movement
report bad then down
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Cheong Kin Wai
3a gogo.......
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Lee Wilson
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1/12/19 0.765 买入。
我等你 三年为期 逾期就 狠狠把你忘记 哈哈
JJ LIM Autosky
哈咯 lee 你有回到他的怀抱吗 业绩不错勒
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3年 呵呵。。。。。。。
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Two Note
john lee
Facebook 什么名 哈哈哈
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Potential stock
Lee Wilson
SKL你那么厉害,来评估一下 RCECAP ,分享你的高见一下。谢谢
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Fei Teng
I cut loss on this company temporary d
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Hendra Saputra
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now can buy...
Vivi Lavender
coming soon?
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Hey guys, I created a quick & short fundamental analysis animated video on this company. I hope it helps you to know more about it! #FundamentalDaily001

Freddie Kkc
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tis look like back to 0.30?