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Cheng Teik Goh

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Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time; by Jim Rohn

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they are managing their portfolios - rebalancing their assets/exposure - by industries/asset type, economic cycle, zero cost averaging. you can create a simple spreadsheet tracking your own positions and transactions including dividend received. you will be able to understand that.
19 hours · translate
yeah. looking forward to it's report.
20 hours · translate
pccs price action today was really strong. additionally, Malaysia recorded gdp growth of 4.9% for q2 compared to 4.5% in q1. overall gdp for 2019 remained at 4.3% to 4.8% at the back of external headwinds. Not too bad. Hopefully calm will return to market soon.
21 hours · translate
you are welcome, Sean. yes it is. Both countries going into negotiations in Sep with backups. trying to find a middle path. 3 months of negotiations it is until Dec. best to plan that it may drag until 2020 - Trump election campaign.
1 day · translate
Jackson, you need resins for the containers or packaging for your vitamins and proteins :)
1 day · translate
Lol Quinn. Jackson is Lctitan's guardian :)
1 day · translate
the market is expecting US Fed to cut interest rates by Sep, there is also hint that China will support it's economy though no details yet.
1 day · translate
Good volume and activities today. congrats to all that earned from pccs rebound yesterday and today.
1 day · translate
it's 30% when I calculated it back then.
1 day · translate
morning Sean. depending on individual's investment objectives and amount of capital. probably small caps - value stocks and as the economy cycle moves into expansion/growth, some of these small caps may become growth stocks.
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