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Stocks that are loved will be priced accordingly; Stocks that are hated will tripled tomorrow.

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Congrats to new shareholders that joined in Mar / bought the double bottom trending. Its still stormy from the external headwinds perspective but Gtronic is still a safe shelter given its balance sheet and geographical segments.
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Slowly but surely :)
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Will Mr. Market test the double bottom? Not sure about the rest but its a good opportunity for small buyer like me to add at the double bottom price; more than 4% dy and lower than my current avg price.
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Not so much of that, Nick. it's the typical sell in May storm added with pressure on semicon tech stocks due to supply chain changes and prolonged higher interest rates. such environment means it is important to be selective with tech stocks - quality of earnings and ability to withstand the external headwind changes. Hence, I am hoping for the opportunity to buy low for Opensys :)
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Good setup, The Rock. I will be waiting patiently for the opportunity to add.
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Double bottom in the making and pricing ahead for tropical storm in May. Looking forward to opportunity to add at the bottom again.
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Slowly but surely :) Continue to look forward to market panic opportunity as the tropical storm is here to stay for a longer period.
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manage your own positions well until the underlying current changes tide; started mid of last year and perhaps it has to do with the controlling stakes. It will be interesting to follow its development closely while tapping into the opportunity provided by market panic :)
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Its interesting how SVB failure is thought to be causing the same effect to Public Bank :) I guessed a lot more convincing is needed to make it the same :) Pbbank has approx 500bil assets and Public Mutual assets is approx 90 bil and contributed to less than 10% of Pbbank's profit. The recent Q4 report has the info of bonds/financial securities as part of its assets. And Pbbank adopted fair value hedging while SVB did not. Clients of SVB are different compared to Pbbank; hence all the difference in terms of assets and earnings.
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there is no fundamental impact apart from contagion/fear/panic, tbgreen :) As investors, we should welcome the opportunity from such market panic :) Just my opinions, could be wrong.
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