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In view of the growth in the E&E and semiconductor sectors as described in Section 5.2 of this Circular, our Group foresees an increase in its production, and therefore requires to increase its smelting capacity to cater to the expected demand. Our Board proposes to utilise RM4.4 million of the proceeds raised from the Proposed Private Placement to fund the purchase of 1 unit of rotary alloy furnace to enhance our Group’s smelting capacity. Upon the completion of installation of the new alloy furnace, which is expected to complete by fourth quarter of financial year 2022, our Group’s smelting capacity is expected to increase from 2 MT per day to 6 MT per day.
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Ivan Koh
YM不要酱紫说 今天才砍了dataprp
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Kok way Teoh
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Go go go 0.450
Andy Yu
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come come go go go up up up
Johnn Doe
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JJ LIM Autosky
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哇靠垃圾婆不是榴莲啊 是山蹦
pang wee hien
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Ah huat
彭兄,中美金融市开炮。等便宜榴莲, 这战火变成抢钱游戏。真的难舍难分,要比财力。港市便宜货等中央啦啦队支援。
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Amirul Ashraf
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idk why this people scare of pp in the good company. last year jag also do pp for 1 month and the price go down and sideway for awhile.Then after the pp complete it start to rise . jag do not do money games like other
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Amirul Ashraf
yes might be but dont forget the stock move in zig zag pattern. overall trend still bullish
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mic mic
break vol and price , uptrend soon
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Victor Yen
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Copper above USD10k too
@dragon huat 目前pp数量庞大30%需要一些时间,若每个月可被认购10%。。最起码也要一个季度来完成pp的数量。。但这担心是多余的啦!最主要还是公司业绩要有成长。。pp 不是最重要的的关键。。
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Dragon Huat
OK petersburg, 谢谢你.
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solid maro!
Ramli Abdul Hamid
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Hantam jerlah 31 pn ptg ni...
Murah lg the 52w high is 0.54 parking n waiting the new high....patience is the key of success....
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After finished pp will hit new high again....gogogo jag
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Andy Yu
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yes it comming.