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我喜歡閱讀圖表和價格走勢。 擁有超過 7 年經驗的全職交易員。

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Near to 52-Week high and further coming. The buy signal detect after the breakout at 2.41.
DM or follow me for more stock outlook.
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Wow RL nice breakout, go go go!!
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Not a news but looking good.
2 months · translate
~ Price about to cross the 200 MA
~ Resistance breakout at 2.14
~ 20 & 50 Days moving average crossover.
~ Price moving in range and breakout with high volume.
DM for more analysis, Link in Bio.
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Price above the 20, 50 & 200 moving averages which indicates the bullish strength. I will wait to retrace and price back to around 9.42. DM for more info on stocks, and how to select the stocks.
2 months · translate
I am looking to add some when price retrace and below 0.350, the price continues uptrend and we found a moving average crossover recently. Follow or DM for more analysis and outlook.
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Yeah good stock technically, the uptrend continues. Recent breakout at 0.670. The next major resistance is at 0.710. 20 days moving average indicating the degree of strength. Follow or DM for more technical outlook.
2 months · translate
Bullish MACD centerline crossover, so it's a good opportunity to take. The resistance level at 0.820/0.850. Price just crossed the 20, 50 & 200 Moving average. Follow for more technical outlook.
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Resistance breakout at 0.76 with a high volume which is a good sign. Price above the 20 & 50 Moving Average. Price reversed and now in uptrend.
Resistance levels 0.81
Support 0.72
Follow for more technical outlook.
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Yeah nice breakout at 4.18. next resistance is at 4.25. Also making a W pattern.
Resistance at 4.25/4.50 & Support at 4.04. Follow for more technicals outlook.
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