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jewe jewe
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落后 今天还是下跌 新加坡股市上涨
sam ng
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Seems like will break 1500 resistance and uptrend
ir Wan
yes, i agree
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In my opinion, FBM KLCI is undergoing window dressing/year end effect only
But if our government is able to attract foreign investors, together with political stability, then there will be hope for KLCI. All the best KLCI investors & traders!
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teo chee kiong
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TP1700 by year end ⋯⋯
Alias Hassan
actual 1495 only
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jewe jewe
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明明上涨 到下午 下跌 这个什么股市
Ricardo Siau
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Target 1550 by year end
The Rock
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Target 1350............
Aleesa Hafizan
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I think bursa can't be performance today
Kee Hooi Goay
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why can't get the component stocks here?
HEnry Goh
klse screener should learn from every indices have component stock list
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ZhixiangLim ZhixiangLim
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Hari ada bagi tau EPF jual besar besaran.dana asing mau jual besar besaran.