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Jun Kit Ng
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2022年涨幅最大的棕油股 - BKAWAN:
Mohd Alif Jahidi
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Apakah lagi 5 tahun akan hit rm50.000...nantikan
Mohd Alif Jahidi
superb QR.....
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ching hoon
new high .up
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Jerry Lee
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set my mindset as buying the agri land, so that i can hold forerver. lol
Hoo Phui Tan
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technical outlook is very bullish
Bukhari Samsudin
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Very weird company. The Non controlling interest is very high does it mean the company can be taken over easily? Plus if you look at the shareholder changes something is not right.
masih lari pantas atas bursa
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Mark Goh
They own 47% of kl kepong la! That’s the NCI
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Noel Chia
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Kenaikan harga minyak sawit mentah sokong peningkatan saham sektor Perladangan?
ying mun Yip
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dy company acquire a lot
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再来一次 MCO 2.0 这股一定飞很高了!
Suhaimi Kassim
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can buy 13.86???????????
Klse Value
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BKAWAN is worth to further look into evaluation, scoring 10/15 point in industry comparison for Plantation (Oil Palm)

Competitiveness - 5/5 point for having 12.47 % market share in 2018
Operational -3/5 for having operation margin ratio of 11.12. Industrial median is 10.18
Sustainability - 2/5 for having interest coverage ratio of 4.46 and debt ratio of 0.36. Industrial media for debt ratio is 0.37

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