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aiyo...u bought $25 ah...ppl entered $6+ pun tak boleh tahan...hahaha
Yesterday · translate
@ACW, knows me well...Best in prediction...hahaha
Yesterday · translate
The HISTORY TP prices now Ding/Dong with tie means they're holding on to SELL ady...hahaha
Yesterday · translate
Can SELL ady, dulu only 0.60 tak pandang langsung. Now, somemore say this/that of UP ah...hahaha
Yesterday · translate
This TLDhye lama tak jupa...Dulu TG kaki...hahaha
Yesterday · translate
cepat sikit...hahaha
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play for funs keeping since Aug 3, 2023 when the TP hovering at 3.38 Then, thought of selling all at 3.85; accidentally entered as buy; luckily done 3400 units. Or else, jailat...
Managed to sold all at 3.65 and thanks to in-house buyer's. Really appreciate your AngPow...hahaha
2 days · translate
Wait 1st QTR results first..
2 days · translate
Coming wor...hahaha
2 days · translate
2 days · translate
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