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mohd fakhri
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cabai punya co...dh 5 thn xnaik2
Hong Chew Eu
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From a fundamental perspective, the company ROE over the past decade is worse than my reference Bursa plantation company. ( ) I use BPlant and KLK as the benchmark. Secondly its price trend over the past few years reflected its poor returns. There are better Bursa plantation companies to look at.
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Apex Legends
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Apa khabar Gopeng kalau ada yang nak beli tak kira lah odd kah apa kasi saja .
HB Lim
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Board of Directors need to be changed.
JJ Lee
This company looked hopeless
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mohd fakhri
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Lanc punya knter...hari2 trun
Aiman Zakaria
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chairman tido ke asyik rugi je
Mohd Zulkifli
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Heavy rain.. sleeping only…
Tan Yao Zun
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Ak Soe
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Eugene K.
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Parking sini
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Patricia CW
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