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Going to PN ? Gambling counter ?
2 weeks · translate
哈哈哈哈哈.......只有七月才吃保健品吗? 马股市里还有 有份量的分析师吗?马股能60%分析的准吗 (大马这样的监管70%以上是不可能的)?
2 months · translate
你说的有道理 认同,就看自己的要走哪条路了
2 months · translate
哈哈哈哈 ....国营企业是安全投资,但是要赚钱哪就不一样了。不倒不代表能赚钱...股市交易都是赌 ! 稳健投资谁不懂得买Blue chips ...
2 months · translate
games over for Bintai, can't even carry out projects awarded. ...
3 months · translate
today closing with 3.1 sen down. not so bad....47.5 sen still not a good buy in price (my opinion only).
3 months · translate
couple years ago, this tak win counter is a good fifo counter. sad to see it price now, 0.04 ......lol.
3 months · translate
If you played punks with your investing partners, no matter how many mou you put up , no body will trust you anymore !
3 months · translate
waiting @ 0.50....lol.
3 months · translate
How to clean up a almost 6 decades polluted longkang overnight. Anwar is not God ! Hopefully this country is not going to be another Sri Lanka in 5 years times if they still persisting to follow outdated racist and religious rules. United will success !
3 months · translate
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