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All Comments on MFCB Reload

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just trede for life
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go go up today kekeke
Edison Cheah
today is warm up ah?
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Jeff Wong
power rally coming
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Jia Jiun
Not enough volume to pump up
Steve Cheah Siew Wai
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Hi your all guys received a link for tomorrow AGM?
Wen Wah Ngan
Heljinze, the power plant turbine is not like Lego ?
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Steve Cheah Siew Wai
2 to 3 years to add on 5th turbine, consider efficiency. less infrastructure and foundations time.
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james lim
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Don sahong is a pivot. Barring act of God and political unrest though at snail pace it shld b gud
Elite Consulting Group Telegram
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If you dive deep into the fundamentals of MFCB, you will know that its core businesses range from a wide variety of countries, and not just the Don Sahong project. From a technical perspective, MFCB continues to make new highs. The immediate critical resistance is at 7.18 (the previous high), and from a funds flow perspective, there are many big monies parked inside. For more analysis, join our free public tel3gram channel @elite_consultinggroup.
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james lim
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Next qr will be 7.50. Another 2 more qrs should be around 9.50
james lim
Right. Hope d completion of turbines just d beginin of gud thing to come. Hope d able management nabs some solar contracts
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Stanley SY
limestone business is very good this year
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just trede for life
hahaha.....boleh tembak Wow.....
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just trede for life
let see mother share 7.50/warrant CI 0.55 i tembak banyak tepat tak kekeke
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追夢者Dream Chaser
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Nk Lai
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Boon Hian Beh
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大师兄回来啦 师兄师弟们 开波了
Zhi Han Sew
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*个人的浅见 MFCB
MFCB的子公司拥有Don Sahong发电站80%股权 其余20%是寮国政府的
自从位于Don Sahong 的水力发电站开始运营,可以看到公司的盈利大幅度提升. 公司也已经使用最新的电力传输线(500KV) 代替了旧的(115KV)的传输线.
虽然管理层预计这个季节的能源使用率是全年最低,因为 1月至5月是寮国的旱季,但能源使用率已达到70.7%. 在来临雨季的6月至12月雨季能源使用率增加至更高.

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Mcenroe Lee
最稳的就是这了。哈哈 我喜欢
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