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Few more days will release QR report probably QR result is good... Some insider accountant or auditor who will know the result before QR announcement..
10 hours · translate
If price stand above 1.40-1.42 will become strong support level. Worth to collect for long term investment
2 weeks · translate
Congratulations all CSC shareholders break resistance level 1.40
2 weeks · translate
Big shark slowly collect at price range 0.295 0.3, waiting for June rebound and company keep share buy bc
3 weeks · translate
Haha.. Tomorrow either is CL or hold half an year
3 weeks · translate
假消息,快去看新闻, 要跑还来的及
3 weeks · translate
Run run, news come out already
3 weeks · translate
等明年建好后, warehouse要出租给大型连锁店 老板真会玩,等不及的人很多cut loss跑了
3 weeks · translate
你先看完整个大马银行股, 就知道这一个银行股 有点怪怪的。。。做生意一块本钱 RM 1可以赚RM0.45
大马滑耳街 金融股 Jp morgan, Morgan Stanley 在一马银行面前都是小弟
3 weeks · translate
This mth finished top up 50k, from what i know a lot big foot keep collecting top up a lot...
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