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Calvin Por
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准备起飞0.775。。ynhp and rapid...
Maybe next week
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Sam Chang
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NTA is 2.16, A lot of the land banks have not be re-value for many years, thus the NTA should be higher. just by selling the land will make it become cash rich.
Tang Choon We
AGREED! Easily Rm6, huge upside potential. Like it or not, the worst is over, Rm5 pre-saga price is on the way!
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Ling Siiun Tien
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further pull today
Lim YP
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This useless stock Will slump to bottom 0.10
aman fahmi
what you mean level 5?
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ben saw
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Nick Leong
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Good news coming
Muhammad Hafizudin
alamak...price jatuh teruk tu..
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fei fun
normal people take profit
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tay ioi
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See many property owners dispose land like Ecoworld , SP Setia and others . The right time to hold property stocks.
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Someone take over
Falcone Anfield
lol.. who?...
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Alan Ting
parkingsome ticket for tomrrow
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Muhammad Adam
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hopefully can hit 1.22 soon
Alan Ting
tomorrow will try rm1 and above
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napis 22
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tay ioi
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Rapid rise like Rapid . It seems that YNHPROP and RAPID are like twin .Good news coming .