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until pnb and the rest beli balik 10 bil shares, this share will never ever go up. its too diluted to have any impact with any news. pnb ans the gsng should buy back 10 bil shares. baru cost berapa? seksrsng 0.125 cents, klu off market 10 bil shares, cost baru about 1 bil ringgit. beli aje la, supaya share ini naik. klu naik. pnb pun untung balik lebih cepat. tak tau buat business ke?
11 months · translate
dia umum 10 bil project pun tak guna, sebab takde profit, mesti rugi punya. dah berapa tahun macam ni? setiap tahun billions project, tapi semua rugi. dah cakap berapa kali dah, team yg tak tau buat business. orang lain, dapat projeck mesti untung, tak untung pun jgn rugi la, ini dapat berbillion, setiap tahun, rugi je..
1 year · translate
leong - ya lor, dont know complaint for what, if he really hold for almost 30 years, by PB performances and share splits since then, he is a confirmed multimillionaire now
1 year · translate
tan joern - he said he kept nearly 30 years. so i just repeated what he claimed
1 year · translate
koay peter - if you have hold it for nearly 30 years, i believed you are a multimillionare now, at least. Be grateful that PB has make you richer, management come and change, if you dont like it now just sell all then...(you have kept it for 30 years after all)
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buy and hold? good luck to you all. even before pandemic, AAX has not been consistently making money, i can say in general, over the years, it made losses rather than profit. With write off of RM5bil in the previous quarter, all the best to you all of the company doesnt turn PN17 or go under. No bad intention, just a note of advise
1 year · translate
ada butang translate sana bang. jgn marah marah semua. tekan translate, ada lah bahasa english. itu abang boleh faham kan? i pun tak faham chinese. takde masalah langsung
1 year · translate
tan sri liew has always been the top guy haha
1 year · translate
hope pnb sacked the entire board and replaced with competent professionals. it is ridiculously [email protected] to have billions of contracts yet still making losses. They dont even know the basic business management 101. Got contract but lose money? No profit margin at all? then better dont do business, tutup aje..
1 year · translate
the past few years, their revenues are abt 500, 600 million, even with 1% margin, they shouls get positive profit of 5 to 6 million. how in the world, you do business with losses when your revenue is to the tune if half a billion? really dont knw how to do business !!! stu*id !!
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