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tan sri liew has always been the top guy haha
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hope pnb sacked the entire board and replaced with competent professionals. it is ridiculously [email protected] to have billions of contracts yet still making losses. They dont even know the basic business management 101. Got contract but lose money? No profit margin at all? then better dont do business, tutup aje..
2 weeks · translate
the past few years, their revenues are abt 500, 600 million, even with 1% margin, they shouls get positive profit of 5 to 6 million. how in the world, you do business with losses when your revenue is to the tune if half a billion? really dont knw how to do business !!! stu*id !!
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@anybody isme - the whole management board is useless, i have to say this. eith the contracts worth billions, why are they still losing money? Last time I mentioned before, didnt they have any risk management department? if you win orders, you will have profits. what in the world you still reported lossess with billions of contracts won? if there is no profit, then better dont take the project and if cost over-runs, you better sack the entire risk and project management team
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Let me reiterate once more, this counter is really useless. The same old stories repeated every review. We have a turn around strategy and those billions of contracts will give positive earnings in our next quarters. Then, announced a lost making quarter. so what is the use of billions worth of contracts if there is no profit? baik tak payah buat business...
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What question is this? are you asking your friends here? Otherwise, the answer is so obvious. Sure got people holding, otherwise, who is buying, who is selling daily? last check, Mr CBB is still a major share holder, so of course he is 'holding'...ermmm
3 weeks · translate
Unstable? EPF has been selling this shares since 6 months ago, about 2% of their total holdings. The price drop doesnt reflect what you called unstable for such a big volume of selling. Pbank is rock solid.
1 month · translate
the owner is constantly buying back this shares. has not been moving for years..no need to consider this cold counter
1 month · translate
why so worried? just hold it for long term, its blue chip company, buy and hold. epf been dumping abt 2% of their hold since 3 months ago, price only affected slightly, means PBank is strong, not weak...
1 month · translate
epf kept disposing to get cash for i sinar. but PBank share price keep steady, Epf please dump more at bigger volume, say 10 mil shares unit rather than few million each time, so that i can buy at lower price hehe.
2 months · translate
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