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All Comments on E&O Reload

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time to keep some.
Suhaimi Kassim
60,5 cts can buy???
Too Chai Liang
This company need hold very long only can make money
Like · 1 month · translate
Chee SIong Lau
how long u expected ?
Like · 1 month · translate
Lee Wilson
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Eeee Ooooo Eeeee Ooooo........ need ambulance
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One day show
Kianwei Beh
What happen
Like · 2 months · translate
Jason Söo
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Is time to fly...
Derrick Gan
hello e&o when r u going to wake up
naoki ong
wake down....
Like · 4 months · translate
Wong Kok Mun
bought 0795
J Wong KS
still cheap under rm 0.95
Faizol Daud
E&O always the best...
Mun Ling
what will happen if E&O raise money through private placement?