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Chris Wong
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Good , contract extension..
Alan Tai
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When just wanna wake up
Chris Wong
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Listened to Grandpine and bought in, now game over.
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Sk Goh
2021年才 0.70。。。。有赚钱咩
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rong rong ooi
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有钱不派股息,花差不多1亿搞旅游景点,这老板可以啊 哈哈哈哈哈哈
Artus Go
说得对,赚了几个亿,派一点股息呀,不然人们会怀疑你是serbak 2. 0
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作为一名有素质的现代人,我不能用“knn,赶羚羊,草支摆,curry lembu,臭击败” 来形容我对这支counter的失望,问题是,我都不是有素质的人! #¥%@&xyz
Fisher aka 小白
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Swim Vshark
what happen?? why QR look so bad....
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kk wong
impairment loss, wait for may n June some contract still in progress
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Hong Chew Eu
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I bought Coastal a year before Covid-19 and sold it early last year. I have 2 Bursa energy services companies that I use as references when hunting for companies in this sector – Deleum and Dayang.
In the past these 2 companies ROE outperformed that of Coastal but over the past 2 to 3 years, Coastal ROE have overtaken them.
When I look at the ROE vs share price trend, I found that currently they are diverging – the ROE is going up while prices are declining.
Is this another opportunity to go in?
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OMG... Game over...
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