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Gold price hit new high, should have a lot of biz for pawn shops now...
3 weeks · translate
The moving trend is quite similar to Mersec...
1 month · translate
Could this be rapid2.0 in the making?
1 month · translate
ppjack goes up d, hopes u r next...
2 months · translate
Nobody noticed the takeover price is at 0.85 only is it, why everyone chasing this morning...
3 months · translate
Nobody's care of any good news now as the market sentiment is very weak...
3 months · translate
PE 60 is still high right...
3 months · translate
major shareholders keep buying but the share price keep falling, what's the logic of that...
3 months · translate
walau, if u gonna shot up then shot properly lo play roller coaster for what...
3 months · translate
Is it because of someone boycotting Merz?
4 months · translate
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