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All Comments on HEKTAR Reload

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Ajito Lee
REIT is invest long term, the suggestion of short term is fake.
Steven Steven
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ss tan
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Chloe Chin
maybe can enter this price
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Haus Ever
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net profit up div down ? apa macam?
Tze Kang Len
nett rental earning down.
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Michael Lai
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i think dividend has more relativity to share price than earning.
WY Ryan
Ya.. I think so... For reit we are focus on dividend haha...
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Dividend low and low
Tan Siang Hooi
super low in history alamak what happen
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Herman Chew
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Tan Siang Hooi
may i ask some know why financial report haven come out ???
Kenny Ng
I also waiting financial report and dividend declare
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Tan Siang Hooi
hope can get more than 2sen dividend
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Jackson Gan
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Still can buy this stock?
Newbies here....
L Looi
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yutaka tong
fd dividend stock without any big capital appreciation
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Jialiang Wong
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what happened cause price drop?
Tan Siang Hooi
hektar black keep selling share
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ss tan
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