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leo king
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Simks Sim
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waiting at 2.50
Azmil Mohd
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Parking here
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SOP facing critical labour shortage and foreign worker quota issue!

30% of oil palm plantation areas cannot be harvested due to a lack of harvesters. It will causing additional loss in revenue. Be careful investors of SOP!
Quaik T Seng
gg eewdß222ààh

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Quaik T Seng

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Kenny J. Sebastian
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Looks good...
Yap Kai Chi
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this stock will shoot up in this few day.. buy buy buy
Ubaidah At-Tasiki
why need to shoot
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You Koo
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Noname S
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Horrible drop after second quarter. How come ??
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跟UTDPLT 比 这只我更喜欢咯
Kunjin Sandhu
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Palm oil price coming down and will not be as rossy soon