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lesson learned for those who chased bplant hoping for a high GO. In boleh land, corporate governance is very poor. anything can be aborted for any reason.
Yesterday · translate
good news for KLK. don't have to do national service and overpay for shitty bplant. can collect cheaply when it falls back to 60 sen.
Yesterday · translate
losing money yet price can be so high? ridiculous grossly overvalued.
1 week · translate
grossly overvalued. price is so high just because it's small cap and cornered. real fake.
2 weeks · translate
this is normal rebalancing for fund managers called the quadruple witching hour. every 3 months will happen. some stocks will surge, some will plunge. good opportunity to buy or sell. price will go back to normal Monday.
2 weeks · translate
Setuju. ini tempat bagus utk berteduh. Selamat dan selesa.
3 weeks · translate
That is clear as day Munger. Thanks.
4 weeks · translate
is this counter manipulated or investors very bodoh? so poor result and therefore grossly overvalued yet going up??
1 month · translate
shockingly poor latest result.
1 month · translate
very poor latest result.
1 month · translate
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