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yup, like somebody said, it's a completely different animal already. more good news to come.
7 hours · translate
oops, actually bonus issue of 2 for 1. next to announce will be good dividend later this year. fantastic.
11 hours · translate
aka bonus issue 3 for 1?
12 hours · translate
Price is slowly rising on increasing volume. Look more like awakening than going to sleep. Better catch it before it is fully up and running.
1 week · translate
d day tomorrow. what's the decision? accept or reject OCBC offer?
1 week · translate
plantation stocks is all about dividends. what is the forecast annual dividend the resulting dividend yield. better than trusted high yield stocks like Inno, Utd Plt, Kim Loong, etc? if not forget about it.
1 week · translate
wait for announcement. buy back have to announce one. suspect something else better. another land sale, bonus issue and/or special dividend.
2 weeks · translate
somebody is quietly accumulating today. looking at the pattern of matching. insiders maybe.
2 weeks · translate
AGM today. wonder if possible special dividend and/or bonus issue was discussed in view of the recent developments and outstanding QR.
2 weeks · translate
with such result, price closed at the low today. unbelievable. market really don't know how appreciate good fundamentals. like to goreng stocks only.
3 weeks · translate
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