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Dragon Ball Z
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1 more month for regularisation plan and its on 1 April. April's fool prank to shareholder by the management?
Lim Kok Wing
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tomorrow likely will see below 0.15 again
Dragon Ball Z
you guys have guts to buy this share. once suspend 100% loss. Going back to below 10sen.
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Lim Kok Wing
unstoppable. brake dah rosak
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Nurul Shida
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langgar ikan todak ke ni
Lee William
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Petitioner to file their Affidavit in Reply on or before 9 February 2024;


ii. Respondents to file their Affidavit in Reply on or before 20 February 2024;


iii. Petitioner and Respondents ("Parties") to file their respective written submission on 26 February 2024; and


iv. Parties to file their respective reply submission (if any) on 1 March 2024.


The hearing of both the Enclosures above are fixed to be heard jointly with the hearing of the Petitions on 7 March 2024.

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Dragon Ball Z
Adam Aiman, dont think will go smoothly. the white knight is very suspicious. but I think they got money from trapping the bilis at high before
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don't und why ppl still buy or even look here... gua x paham
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ahmad syahir
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0.2 is last support and March is last month
Adam Aiman
volume masuk petang ni
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T Loon
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1st tp -0.33
2nd tp -0.43
Mridhuwan Zakaria
tq info bro....
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Adam Aiman
Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad had vide its letter dated 1 November 2023 granted an extension of time up to 31 March 2024 for the Company to submit a regularisation plan to the regulatory authorities ("EOT Approval").

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21 cent done.

Must hold 23 cent and then can target next 2 Ganns...find me on Tele
500 lots at 210. tq operator
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sold take profit n run! this time wait below 15c
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Adam Aiman
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Tomorrow continue technical breakout
WH Low
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Something is brewing . Buy before is too late .
Dragon Ball Z
this stock too light. easy manipulated. see money take money. who buy on top will cry later
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