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Warren Tung
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RHB Reserch House says Hibicus either may go up or go down lol
Azri Wira
Aminvest dan PBB kata Hibiscus akan naik
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voonchen low
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usually qr good, 1st day will up.
then drop..... let's see
lee engkeong
God of son. Ehat your predict in future
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Tew Yuh Ling
useless stocks!
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Chee SIong Lau
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not easy LU lah...too big liao
nazr zach
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Well done, Old chap!!!! Keep it UP!!!!
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good robust qr. limit up gogogogogo
Alienn Fury
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go go go ...... Hibiscus......
JY Lee
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Top 3 cheapest cash flow company in SEA
C H Lim
are you sure?
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YC Lee
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wow....QR out. NTA=3.56, EPS=12.72, DPS=2
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Waiting for the fire dragon to wake up...
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qr report when ??