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lets hav a low it can goes? I bet 25cents
2 weeks · translate
izzit Hex nvr pay bulsa $ for protectiom?:)
3 weeks · translate see "chinhin" no look? why only mentioned Genetec and Hengyuan?
3 weeks · translate
Global food supply chain will be affected avain. food may shortage and price may up due to Ukrain vs Russia war.
1 month · translate run run
1 month · translate
Latest news of US to cut import of Alu from Russia(another wave of sanction to Russia). Alu commodity price has shoot up..
1 month · translate
Syndicate playing this counter to stir the ikan bili?
2 months · translate
why suddenly drop so much? then about closing period..suddenly got 10,000,000share grab at 4.13??
2 months · translate
Anyone can share the occupancy rate Q1 vs Q2?
and Q2'21 vs Q2'22?
any improvement?
3 months · translate
might need this Monket pox spread thru 'skin to skin' contact.
4 months · translate
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