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Paklong Kp
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aiyaa..tak nampak potong bawang pun..macamana mau goreng
haz lapan
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Takde goreng last minit ke
Luqman luffy
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dont waste your money to buy this warrant..
Elton Chan
Sure. 27 more days left. I wont buy it.
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Ah Choon Wong
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昨天竟然有二百多万的票成交,要小刀据大树嗎 ?
KH Tan
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向 Vsolar-WB 学习吧 。。。加油
Cindy Chan
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Come to 0.06 break 99 e ?
not go holan ady, stay in holan long time ady
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haz lapan
16 june is the last date for trading
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Chee Wei Liew
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sell off la
Esther Law
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still can go up or not????
abdul hakim
boleh kemas beg dah ka
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Esther Law
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bila boleh naik
haz lapan
Jatuh lagi maa
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Mark Yie
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next week