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it's coming... slow n steady to RM4
4 days · translate
Good to see price movement +/-15%... dont down too much okie liao...
5 days · translate
end August... sorry typo
5 days · translate
Cocoa price (future) just hit 11k today... wait for record quarter in end July
6 days · translate
SunCon is based on projects...
Sunway is holdings company, long term.... see YTL.Power run faster than YTL....
1 week · translate
Lai Liao Lai Liao...
1 week · translate
Haha.. no need run... stay back n relax, now part of KLCI already....
1 week · translate
1 week · translate
Fast up Fast down too.... Datuk Yu back in game
1 week · translate
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