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Why im here. 140
Coconut Ng
Why 6 months to go
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Sorry coco. U need to learn the que. And chart..and also a bit news.
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Wong Chee Hui
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war begin...... oil consumption sure up
WC Chin
Tml oil stock coming... Gogogo
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Lionel Essi
don't worry, their war is just a show.
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Sensation Shop
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the price stil maintained. thanka to panic seller bought from 0.145 :)
Suhaimi Sulaiman
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Andy Du
Good.... drop more these 3 weeks. Can buy at bargain prices
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Nicholas Mok
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will oil stock coming soon?????
Kenny Tan
dont think so
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Pokemon Master 01
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The worst stock ever. Maybank target higher tp, many good news, project many but still investor keep disposed everday. Fuxk off.
Fortune Cat
Waiting for those bought from Naga7 blub blub vomit out their shares...
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Andy Du
This counter currently not for short term play... unless super confident of good news on recovery or new project won. Then good luck la
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Neo KC
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who the heck is this liaw thong jung 0.11? i want to see him slaps his own face later
Sin Hong Liu
This counter below 0.145 only can buy. Chase high sure kena trap
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need long term recover...
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Hi Traders/Investor,
Would like to sharing on this stock.
Most Retailer buy this stock to have long term invest,this is correct way.
A lot talking here will have gap up next Monday.
This mind set,suppose not to be include while investing in any Bursa Stock.
Once you out money on any penny stock,Be PATIENCE only key to PROFIT.
Acknowledge on EP/EXIT by following the chart direction instead of spell out base on rumors/News and etc,possibility may effect you trading as well.
Remember,All Rm1 stock is START with PENNY stock. Is YOURSELF controlled on how to WIN it.
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This one consider cheap ticket if u wish to join the boat.
Do study and proper trading plan before put money on this stock.
All the best!!
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Those who able to get cheapest ticket just now,Well Played!
This stock mostly control with IB and not such a stupid shark able to easily manipulate.
Such a bad news,price drop(consider as discount price as well)
Know who own this Velesto,then u will know how to trade and win.
Meanwhile,Take a look on current global oil might be interesting in mid term.
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Muhammad Faizal
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insurans cover naga7???
Joshua Tye
Yes, covered by insurance
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Reeve Yong
Insurance will take times to claim. Investigation lagi in the middle of the sea.
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Maley Asmawi
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The power of pnb
Farin Parin
Haha panic sell ja kot td
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Syahir Yusof
Semoga ada profit lepasni. Tiket murah jerung sudah sauk 2.7 juta unit tadi
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Tangkak Argo Encik Addy
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valesto got naga 2 - naga 8.. not only naga 7. beside drilling, they got oilfield services too.

naga 7 cover with insured too
Andy Du
True... but long term oil will influence demand for rig. Expect Velesto management to do something... buy new rigs or setup old rigs ... should recover with time. Issue is whether investors sell now or hold. If price gap up after drop, are you willing to risk it? Just my 2 cents
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Mad Partner
You're right. Btw some people is sapu-ing the .15 ~ .16 volume
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