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Fu Fu
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Kar Yee Fong
人间有真情 人间有真爱
少点套路 多点真诚
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Bursā Gém Pūblic

Jòin ouř telegrǎm grp fór frèe short-trading signalś
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2026 年才会减少 利润 现在是2024 Cgs 是烂投行什么行态 然后又叫守住0.31 心态不好 想弄跌这股? Cgs 是cimb 投行 有跟他买的人 都知....荷兰
King Ianflamming56ou
just buy...allin....going up to 40..kekeke
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betul2..kene washing...spi kt R...
King Ianflamming56ou
ne kacang je ....Belum shark ne .....kekeje
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King Ianflamming56ou
murah ...kekeke
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Eric 2002
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highest volume in 10years range after drop from the sky. u know I know who spread the news (suspect)and what they want la.. hehe
Duit raya, today and tomorrow may surge to history record HIGH!!! GUESS ONLY
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King Ianflamming56ou
after Raya baru Rasa boom buluh..keke
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just mil
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still hold rm0.19 @ 38k early FY2020(covid)...mmm...sell or hold ?
Ooi Tan
oil price
going up soon 100usd
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u buy 38k lot.. still ask people meh??
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Yatie Lala
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I dah simpan lama. nasib baik dah naik. lalalalalah
King Ianflamming56ou
Kaya Raya ne ...UMS lagi ne...lalalLA
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Vincent Wong
Keluar buah cempedak ada la
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jason kuek
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Leong Mun shing
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Saudi Aramco =/= Petronas. If not mistaken velesto major client is petronas. Although in business world, petronas may discontinue the contract and get better price, but will petronas do it.? 2nd velesto from PNB, will petronas want to put the PNB investor down. What the Agenda for this CGS, I respect your professional, but pls be more sensitive during your analysis, don’t make panic on the market or else I will feel that you have a big agenda in behind.
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0.27。 masuk
Keith Lim
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CGS spreading unnecessary fear no wonder Velesto drop