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WiL Wong
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0.08 or 0.12, gogogo
Big Man
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Buy call from the edge TP 12 sen.. is it ok?
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after consolidate 5 to 1 then price drop back to price before consolidation...matilahnak...cabut fast2 lah...
Amos ooi Chin Han
Ada consolidation sudah x blh main
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Hehehehe.. 5~1...jali hamburger...hamburger sinlang makan ma... Kikikikikikiki.... Lasib baik sula lali... Kikikikikkki....
Steward Lee
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alamak..5 into 1....good or bad?
Big Man
Lama lagi kan consilidate.. 3rd quarter this year kan
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Jo C
i'll wait after the conso is done then see how
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Sing Nyok Boon
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Keat Soon Ong
Sing 是的,很多仙股的玩法。
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Sing Nyok Boon
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Syahnaz Izwandi Ibrahim
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consolidation coming
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Potential to test 0.115 - 0.130
Kelvin Ho
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this counter is it potential to buy or not?
Muhammad Hanaffi
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huge buying today..