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Chase the winner ??
16 hours · translate
HUAT until tired.. TQ MCLEAN
1 day · translate
继续努力加油! Oh Li Ge!
3 days · translate
Feels like gonna cum soon.. scammer fight back jom
3 days · translate
Zoom Zoom Zoom
4 days · translate
The whole traditional remisier in Msia is recommending this stock, let’s see how it pents up
5 days · translate
Bodo Wilson, 2c limpeh take it private
5 days · translate
short term TP SATU RINGGIT, boleh ka?
5 days · translate
Financial solid, Contract solid, returning chairman ABU solid.. 天时地利人和, is the time to let the management prove themselves. BTFD!
6 days · translate
HUAT AHH thank you dato
1 week · translate
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