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sky light
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strongly breakout, closed above 0.40 will be good
sky light
yup, i got a free warrant before, but the 1st day direct sold ady, haha
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c30 teh
wake up lol, dont sleep too long
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akmal azrul
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another drop as a routine everyday ...the hell this counter
Nicholas Lim
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Qe report out. Positive signs despite the challenges of current macroeconomic. Consider quite good results
Nhlau Lau
still keep laosai........
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Nicholas Lim
Matter of timing. Wong share buyback 0.45-0.46. My personal thought if got money now i also wan to buy in more. Current market is influenced by usa market uncertainty
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Redzuan Mohamad
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bila nak goreng ni
vijayakanth sinnasamy
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buy at 0.51..then start drop...
Jaha Azhar
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Worth it or not
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回调完毕,从新开始启动... 再接再厉
nazr zach
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Who wants to sell when WONG is about to make a bull run any minute now?
WONG QR today gor...
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mohd farahan mohsin
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its now or never hahaha
Shawn Ch'ng
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