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Chaw Boon Kee
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twl want your money to buy land. First they will goreng up then they sell all to you to get the money. you all will think it can go up so easy but actually they want to trap you. that's why they put the news
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Steward Lee
that is always their game plan. it happened to many penny counters
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Bermati-matian mencungkil wang pemegang saham.hahaha
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Wan mohd faisal Wan zainal abidin
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Masih lagi hold.. Ambil dekat 4c tdi.. Padu2
Steward Lee
you dah banyak untung....tahniah
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Pavitzy Ushay
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15c tomorrow
Shafiq Razali
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wahh sape lah yg play tgkp pisau make short +30% oredi lohh..
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Gg share
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Tiger in twl lol
Tan Hong Jie
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Why this share always change person every days?
Kapten Alam
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tp - 0.1, 0.15
Abdullah Fahmi
cun lah... gogo..
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Mohamad Amzar
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5sen or 50sen
napis 22
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saya rasa TP 0.15