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Yap帅 Ty
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better age
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【探讨】手套股的春天在何时?让我告诉你,避免接刀 | When is spring for gloves sector? Let me tell you to avoid the knife
better age
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Tyson Phang
很多还住在高楼,老板没有酱笨,再炒上去让他们check out吧,至少拿他们的钱滚多几年先,哈哈
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michael hosehliao
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我要all in 了,不要拉住我,千万不要
George NGC
Mei Ling公司只能Share buy 10%的全部股票別太真天了。
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Hoong Siew
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tan vincent
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may be can wait at 0.60
kam hooi yeow
Tp 0.40-0.45
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infinity channel
Yup wait for 0.60
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HEnry Goh
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supermax should use all his cash and buy sfptech which is 900million market cap and sell glove business then change name to supertechmax coperation then share price will fly....
Affandi Abdullah
Stanley my man
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Michael Lee
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Mark Siow
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如果supermax接下来的业绩是没亏钱,算算它的net cash+net total asset,你会发现它现在的股价简直是白菜价,但是这种offer价大家却怕买,呵呵呵。。。
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if buy to gamble then the risk is high. if buy as investment, this is good investment to invest for investment for linger than 12 months. ASP will be moving forward after September quarter.
Duke Cheng
same excuse they gave in early August 2020. now left with only 10% value. plenty of them in here. hahaha
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Lim Yuen Yik
是的,大咖在丟,還有RSS, idss, 不是散戶在panic sell。有的人還不懂
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Chaw Boon Kee
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Already the lowest 0.805 cents I start buy in
Top glov Good
lowest 0.50, another week
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Top glov Good
5年后, supermax rm25, 值收
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