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The lower profit before taxation despite an increase in revenue as compared with the
corresponding quarter of the preceding year were mainly due to the higher material costs and
cost incurred in setting up additional production facilities for building material segment
3 hours · translate
QR coming out this week. last quarter results were artificially poor while other peers were making good profit from cement and construction biz.
3 hours · translate
second wave up to 0.2 before the main rocket after the key news is out in August/Sept
20 hours · translate
Main and big news yet to be out. so fast wanna jump ship already?
4 days · translate
selling pressure has been mostly absorbed from 0.145-0.12 for the past 3 days. 0.13 could be sustained for this week.
5 days · translate
this latest news no different than the previous contracts win. the main one would be the OPM sale and also TNB settlements
6 days · translate
as long as the news not out, still have legs to go up slowly.
1 week · translate
for those who think when got big funds holding means secure, check back FGV history and how much the big funds loses money in it. It s an indirect rakyat bailout for a failed GLC biz.
1 week · translate
boss sold at 0.25 off market and now buy back at 0.35 off market. what magic are they playing with?
1 week · translate
waiting for new share issuance in August before can move. else new big shareholders would be unhappy. must wait for them as well before the rocket can go to the moon
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