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the boss still holding 19,257,725 warrants as per yesterday announcement. wonder if he s going to exercise them.
18 hours · translate
how to expect warrants holder to convert if mother shares is so low? this company BOD and management really work the opposite way.
20 hours · translate
big boss unable to sign off the QR. either too bad results or too good to be truth. took more than a month to report. first time ever.
2 days · translate
they must be adjusting and balancing the account to either look best or look worst.
1 week · translate
heading south to 0.005 as not everyone has the cash to exercise warrants
1 week · translate
this one macam The Meg. not small jerung.
1 week · translate
it won't as Top Glove usual practice is to give 1 week advance notice. that s their standard announcement for many years.
1 week · translate
seem quarter result is delayed this time. usual practice, top glove would give a 1 week notice on when the results would be released. today is already 15th Sept, and should the notice been given today, results would be released next Friday. not their usual practice to release results on Friday
1 week · translate
either you exercise your warrants and exit the warrants in the next two weeks. else your warrants would be toilet paper after 3rd October if you don't have the fund to exercise your warrants.
1 week · translate
big guy already masuk quietly and accumulated until 5%++...
1 week · translate
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