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All Comments on ACME Reload

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this page got talk abt ACME before
Ah Choon Wong
New normal In KLSE whereby losing money companies goreng kau kau, the boss themselves need to survive to get money from market not from doing business anymore, because good times also can not have profit, now bad times how to make profit? Share market lah!
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Janson Lee
choon wong - good explanation
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hock gan
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Wei Kee Chua
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I just bought at 50cents, and now has gone up to 68cents,unbelievable... Quite some time didn't see any counter with limit up...
Saro Siva
Sure got news, must share lorr
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Saro Siva
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Next monday can go in ah?
Pendekar Udin
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Saya sgt yakin kaunter ni sgt berpotensi. Mesti diorang ada rancang apa2 projek besar lepas ni.
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Can in?? +...
Smith Suki
Next monday sure ho sehhhh
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Bro Lim
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Walao, i enter at 0.62 leh, but within a day untung liao