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HEnry Goh
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will this be the next serbadk?
Lionel Essi
Cash 3b borrowing 16b. 13b all in in genting? LolXD really good luck
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King Ianflamming56ou
M family also involve !?.....kekeke
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Doc M
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Record High Profit but low cash flow , the total liability increased by 2B in the balance sheet from previous quarter … and fund raising again .. need to watch out
yap yap
Cash flow no healthy, similiar serbak 2.0
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James Sia
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I cannot understand why Yinson with strong EPS fundamental and low PE, but price not moving up for so long. Could someone help me to understand
HEnry Goh
earn alot still not enuf money =-="
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Yzhan Koay
dept high lo,if contract cut GG lo
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Mycrobitz Tech Solutions
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Came out at 2.57, phew....
SK 投资空间
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今日关注对象:YINSON (7293)

支撑/阻力:RM2.53 / RM2.60

点评:YINSON在今年开始就有banker chips出现,股价也是有很好地保持在均线之上,可以看到今天的交易量有明显上升了,MACD有在酝酿黄金交叉,整体走势相对乐观,可以留意看看。

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Shawn Lee
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Hong Chew Eu
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I have a quick and dirty way to assess whether a company has strong fundamentals by comparing its ROE trend with one where I have done a detailed fundamental analysis.
An example is comparing the ROE trend of Yinson with my reference oil and gas company – Deleum. I consider Deleum as one with good fundamentals. You can see that Yinson falls into the good fundamentals category.
But when you look at the market price, it is trading at PE 11 and PBV of 1.4. Compared to its price trend, the current price is not peak. It is not expensive but not exactly cheap either.

If you follow Buffett “wonderful company at fair price” investment philosophy, then Yinson could be in this category.

But if you are a cigar butt investor or looking for deep under valued stocks, I am not sure Yinson fits the bill.
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James Sia
You are right about the fundamental. Time to buy when the price is low. Wait for the coming qtr result to see whether it can fly
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lee sy
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Epf is net buyer this few weeks, hopefully can see some results later
lee sy
its moved finally
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kok boon liu
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epf.. tackled in.. kasi skit pls..
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Most likely next week currently Brent n Crude are red
kok boon liu
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