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Leon Lim
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Sometime private placement is a trap.
will this counter also trap?
Leon Lim
tan, i miss counculate,
thought 10lot is rm3,
total invest rm300 ok la.
take some experiance.
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Leon Lim
just come back look look,
but anyone still hold this stock?
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Gary Hong
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Seem dont have a good performance.
Any suggestion. every master.
Mike Teo
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Jack See
据说会到0.66, 真是大师中之大师,大师们的讲座我不敢再去了
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John liew
Haha.... Facebook page 还会 delete negative comments
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Leon Lim
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Pull up Yesterday is because want to sale out more in rm0.125....
shark is no money to goreng.
Have sold partial yesterday.
Slowly clear this stock prevent lost more.
PP coming, gogogo
you are newbie
i dont think the price will go up a lot.
else, the buyer need to pay more money.
use your brain, ok?
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Jason Chok
hahah you are right
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info speedme
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who chase high here? kekeke
Aida Sani
tape.. saya faham siapa terchiduk ni... bila anda terchiduk ingat la saya terchiduk kat serbadk harga rm1.50
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anak ayam
haha. Insyaallah, I dpt rezeki. I no tipu, no curi. life always up down , win lose. just be strong
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idham roslan
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Minggu jerung masuk untuk meroket
Mohd Fahmi Firdaus
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Many gap above..
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0.145 strong support, sth is coming.
hahahah vroom vroom hahaha
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later fly again who knows hahah
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post Job
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memang scam counter