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All Comments on SAM Reload

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Joe Cole
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nice result.
Wong Chie Kiong
Any update
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Joe Cole
fast sell. down trending
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Joe Cole
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nice result indicating growth is happening. next year will be a FLY year for SAM
mary rodriguez
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Buy further uptrend above RM 8.00 whats app at ( 60 1157931497 ) join group for Daily stocks update and Target point with TA/FA
Joe Cole
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Chill, compared to other stocks, sam is very chill already
Tian Loon
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chill. potential thing here
Dux Unum
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SAM engineering, very smart name but located at the bottom of the food chain.
Susan Nair
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SAM seems like going to challenge RM8.0 major resistant soon. Judging the strong up momentum in midterm and the price candle has been shoot above BB, posibility of BB will widening up is high. I see the potential of retest previous top at RM 8.40 in mid term.
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Susan Nair
yes +60 11-5796 8067
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Dux Unum
Any other service besides stocks? More like stockings
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Law Tk
SAM is a good stock providing an excellent growth in earnings for the next few years.