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Money can make or break us, it is a double edge sword and if greed overpowers us, we can easily get lured into money scams and get rich schemes and the results are often undesirable.
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THE Putra Brand Awards (PBA), which is into its 11th year, has been gaining momentum over the years. It has provided a platform for brands to excel and stamp their mark on the Malaysian branding space.
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HONG KONG: Property giant China Evergrande's Hong-Kong listed electric vehicles firm said on Sunday it would bring in six new investors to raise HK$26 billion ($3.4 billion) to fund technology research and repay debt.
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SHOCKS to supply chains are engulfing a wider swath of the global economy as the pandemic rages on, threatening to stifle Asia’s trade-led recovery just as soaring freight rates make it harder for businesses to weather another year like 2020.
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ARE you saving enough for a secure retirement?
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PETALING JAYA: Jiankun International Bhd has proposed to acquire 18.387 sq m leasehold land in Melaka for RM13mil to expand its development business.
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Market is conducive for startups
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THE Covid-19 pandemic has affected everyone in one way or another.
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