Bursa Malaysia approves CTIB's LEAP Market delisting application

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KUALA LUMPUR (Oct 26): Cosmos Technology International Bhd's (CTIB) application to withdraw from LEAP Market has been approved by Bursa Malaysia.

In a filing with Bursa Malaysia on Tuesday, CTIB said the company is required to furnish Bursa Malaysia with the MainStreet’s Confirmation Letter, confirming that the details of its shareholders, including their direct and indirect shareholdings in numbers and percentage, as disclosed on Aug 16 remained unchanged.

Furthermore, it said CTIB is required to make an immediate announcement stating trading of its shares would be suspended upon the expiry of five market days from the date of Bursa Malaysia’s receipt of the letter and the effective date of suspension.

“The delisting of CTIB will take place upon Bursa Malaysia’s receipt of the documents after trading in CTIB’s shares has been suspended,” it said.

It said the documents included confirmation from MainStreet that all conditions, including conditions imposed by the relevant authorities which are required to be met prior to the delisting, have been met and confirmation from MainStreet that there are no circumstances or facts which have the effect of preventing or prohibiting the delisting including any order, injunction or any other directive issued by any court of law.

In July, CTIB said the delisting would pave the way for its ACE Market listing.

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