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Daim, related company.. what happened next?
2 months · translate
No more IDSS can practise afrer lunch. Bankers want upront payment, maybe it can go higher afterwards.
Or it maybe false, now depends to everybody, to hold or to sell drasticly.
3 months · translate
After Abang Abdillah being one of Director the price with all stocks related to him drop.
Seems like Scib, he was in while price 20sen.. After hit certain target then pandalela.
At the moment he appointed at Artroniq, the price to high for him...
Look at how somebody & bankers manipulated the lobang in Bursa.
3 months · translate
I am que at 0.300/0.265/0.250/.0.200//.01800/0.165 and 0.005 ... hahaha
3 months · translate
Thanks dividen sudah masuk.. hehe
3 months · translate
from bursa notice
3 months · translate
Siapa lagi mu cuci.. kasi cuci banyak sikit .. hahaha..
3 months · translate
Siapa mau cuci kasi cuci byk sikit... hahaha
3 months · translate
Iam wondering Dato Azlan keep buying.. Pmo office still keep quite.
3 months · translate
sell on news again ???
3 months · translate
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