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Tomorrow we shall see whether Powerwell really got power or not to break 52 R and subsequently power up from there.
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JT必需要为DC潮争点气 尽量追随PWRWELL价位
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Let’s see how does the market reacts with today’s QR announcement.
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Kasi limit up one time cukup with this good QR.
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Ini masih doing sleeping beauty, next week better wake up and work lah EDEL.
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Ex-Date后就泻个不停 看来AJI是要在名字前面加多个L字变另外一个新名了
4 weeks · translate
That’s right, Abg bought at 0.17 earlier for a starting entry so you guys do the thinking, just let the big guns do their job and you either join the party or you cut the crap.
4 weeks · translate
60c on the radar soon? Let’s see.
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A lot of humans are expecting wonders to happen in the span of 5 months with the new board of directors. Dey, sabar lah!

This is still a penny stock which has just restructured themselves for a better future with Abg Abdillah on board so if you need quick profits then better choose Genting je instead of this counter.

If you trust the new board, easy just hold it for a year to witness 4 QR’s before you judge this stock further.
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Again, this counter to me is really not something meant for short term period ever since I started watching it from 0.09.

If you buy because of Abg coming into the big picture with the thought of Q3 QR would instantly reflect any huge positive results because he has only joined the boat is obviously a dream.

You definitely need a lot patience to hold this counter if you want to reap higher returns.
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