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Hello ... now pe 40 yes. but do u think earnings will still be same for the coming months/years? stock market is about seeing the future not present
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Different industry how to compare apple to apple lol
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0.93 tp ? Nope not selling. If Mtec can reach 1.5b market cap when financial lousier than scgbhd .... scgbhd 726m market cap.... another 100% to go .
RM 1.80 I tp together with my warrant !
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aiya genting not even top 10 for me. Don't want to touch after they lost billions of USD that time buying the native land.
Gensg okay hahhaha
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For me is top 3 ....
Any other darling counter that hvnt fly yet ? hehehe
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Doesn't matter as long it hits 1 billion market cap later and maybe more
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Market cap right now is 567m . IMO still cheap.
Yinson market cap is 7b ++
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Takda cerita. Memang baik! management bagus takeover , siapa tak suka la hehehe
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Not maybe. Is confirm earn la if u in early this year haha
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freight rate temporary only. I like long gains better, shipbuilding will be better based on the OSV catalyst
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