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How to sell on news when the price not moving at all? ?
1 week · translate
Well explained. Thank you auditor
1 month · translate
Auditor, is tune making false account?
1 month · translate
Auditor, can you explain why the revenue have dropped more than 50% even post covid after 3 years. Something very wrong here. During covid their revenue still maintaining at 100mil+
1 month · translate
忽然间revenue跌这么多,好多过covid 的时候. 之前做假账?
1 month · translate
Air cond mesti kerap buka la skrg
2 months · translate
0099 is a good company just no wow factor to further expand its business. Probably it is stagnant at this stage.
3 months · translate
Sudah dengar macam macam cerita 2 tahun. Tapi masih apa pun x de
4 months · translate
Still no QR….
6 months · translate
Zero base assmin ali gang.
8 months · translate
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