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recall the recent incident, people think it is crazy too but it still happened
everything is possible in malaysia
Yesterday · translate
why u delete your comment?
see, told u already, anything related to israel sure boycott 1
6 days · translate
u sure or not, later they go klia protest then tourist industry gg
2 weeks · translate
2 months ago, they talk about this
but today........ ??!!!!!!
2 weeks · translate
takeover 30% will own by GIP? are you sure? wont kena boycott meh? is this gip related to the israel gip? anybody here can confirm this?
if really related, then risk high in cancellation leh, investor scare lah
2 weeks · translate
不过 还是要感谢那些不看report的散户在早上推高,让我有机会 intraday contra
2 weeks · translate
performance analysis 有解释 revenue,有分 upstream,midstream 和 downstream
2 weeks · translate
profit 上只不过是因为 dividend income 40k
2 weeks · translate
靠北! revenue 掉那么多!
2 weeks · translate
说好的 5.0 结果又是昙花一现
1 month · translate
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