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What happen suddenly sharp fall?
3 days · translate
Stuck at 10, cant break through yet.
4 days · translate
Why time always pancit lately. Up till 5.30 d not even 1 day down back d
2 weeks · translate
Its almost lunch time and i open up to see hows time performing, sudah pancit haha
1 month · translate
Salary sudah mau out baru up. Wrong timing aiyaaa
1 month · translate
New cfo is back to office hahaha
1 month · translate
I think wont impact coz most of the user are bonded by contract cannot simply unsubscribe so indirectly no impact to revenue
1 month · translate
Now dont care about race when it comes to holidays Haha
1 month · translate
On leave raya holidays haha
1 month · translate
Pancit after fly a while lol
1 month · translate
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