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Great! EATECH continues to be profitable despite a slight year-on-year decline in net profit due to foreign exchange losses
2 days · translate
Catch when it drops below Rm2?
2 days · translate
Operators want to collect it cheap before the QR is out I think ..
3 days · translate
Then it will drop to 90 cents and below
3 days · translate
I would give Eatech 50 cents as a short-term tp
6 days · translate
In that case, I will take 50% of the profits and hold 50% of the shares
6 days · translate
Eatech is rebounding instead. ha. No cheap price for you
2 weeks · translate
Small pullback then rebound
2 weeks · translate
Management may disclose the date of the company's exit from PN 17 at the AGM
3 weeks · translate
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